1. What is "Virgin" hair?

This is the highest quality of extensions. Virgin hair simply means that the hair is unprocessed. The hair has not been treated with perms, dye, bleached, or chemically treated in anyway. The pureness of the hair allows for versatility and increased longevity.

2. What color does the hair come in?

Natural black 1B/2.

3. How much hair is needed for my install?

Partial install (hair left out) 2 - 3 bundles.

Full install (no hair left out) 3 - 4 bundles.

For longer lengths (18 - 34inch) I recommend a minimum of 3 bundles.

4. How long is shipping?

Shipping is 5-10 business days (excluding holidays) after payment processing.

At this time we do not offer overnight shipping.

5. Do you seal wefts?

No, it is up to the customer to seal their own wefts.

6. Should I seal my wefts?

Yes, it is good for extra reinforcement. Sealing wefts helps to better keep the hair in place if you cut the track, bring the needle through the track, etc. When the thread is loosened in the weft area or anything is done to alter that foundation the "sealant" will at that time provide extra security.

7. Will the hair tangle?

No, with virgin hair the cuticles are intact and are in the same direction, which prevents tangling and matting. With packaged beauty supply hair the cuticles have been removed with harsh chemicals, which strip all the natural nutrients from the hair.

8. Can I straighten this hair?

Yes, all of Princess Hair can be straightened and return back to the hairs natural form with the application of moisture. (Excessive straightening/heat can be damaging to both your hair and Princess Hair)

9. Can I Color my hair?

Yes, you can color your hair. I would recommend consulting your local stylist, or a professional for proper coloring techniques/tips/upkeep. Coloring can be damaging to both your hair and your Princess Hair, so please be careful when opting to color your hair. Color at your on risk.